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Free upgrade to a Paper Source Valentine's Day card of your choice when you place your order by noon on Friday, January 25, 2019.

Valentine's 2019 Collection

(inspired by our girl crushes)


She's sharp, stylish, bright, soft, and impeccably dressed from head-to-toe all day, everyday. Perfectly poised but always with an element of surprise. Colors will include a mix of pretty pink, hot pink and soft blues for all romances new and lasting.



She sets hearts on fire with passion and so much brilliance and soul. You never need to question her love because she wears her heart all over. Colors will include a mix of vibrant and deep reds for the ultimate romantic.



She's flawlessly chic, overflowing with elegance, and always struts with confidence. She loves all things posh and crisp, timelessly modern with an edgy twist. Colors will include a mix of brilliant whites and greens for the classic romantic.



small – $100
medium – $150
large – $200
 x-large/tall – $350
Upgrade to Coco Vase – $55
Upgrade to Paper Source card – $5.50


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Please note the following:

  • Orders need to be placed by Friday, February 8, 2019 by noon in order to avoid any additional fees*.

  • Houston local and surrounding area deliveries only.

  • All prices shown do not include deliveries fees or tax.

  • All arrangements are custom and will be modeled off of the collection but slight variations may occur due tot nature and the artist's discretion.

  • Please make sure all delivery information is correct. If we are unable to reach the recipient and can not find a safe location to leave the arrangement we will resend the next day with an additional charge to the sender.

  • *A rush fee of $50 will be applied to any order sent in after Friday, February 8, 2019 and an additional fee of $50 will be applied to any of those orders with commercial deliveries by 5:00 PM on Valentine's Day, so please make sure to send your orders in as soon as possible.

Please note: all orders between February 4 – 18 will be subject to Valentine’s Day prices



Pronounced OH-MA-KA-SAY. In Japanese, it's a term that means "I'll respectfully leave it to you," allowing sushi chefs to select and serve their choice of the best and freshest dishes of the day. Here, it means trusting our designers to select and design with our best and freshest cuts of the day. We know this requires quite an amount of trust as some are more used to ordering from online photos. It is definitely a gamble, but it has paid off for those who enjoy our modern, chic, and upscale design aesthetic and quality customer service.

Orders begin at $75.00 for a small (4” vase), $100.00 for a medium (5” vase), $125.00 for a large (6” vase), and $200.00+ for x-large and/or tall arrangements.*

Style options:
1. white and green
2. bright and colorful
3. soft and romantic




Pronounced like the letter M, it means "little sister" in Vietnamese and is what our founder affectionately calls her sister. These darling half-pint glass jars are the whimsical, spontaneous, free-spirited little sisters of the OMAKASE. They’re the perfect size for desks, side tables, cocktail tables, and mini gatherings. 

Orders begin at $45.00 with a minimum of two per order.*

Style options:
1. white and green
2. bright and colorful
3. soft and romantic

Mibellarosa Designs Houston Florist Modern floral online shop white orchids planter

Pictured above: $350 arrangement


Pronounced KAH-NOO, meaning "to plant or to cultivate" in Hawaiian. In that Hawaiian spirit, we hope these planters will bring growth and life into your homes. We offer a variety of orchids and succulents for low-maintenance and longer-lasting options. 

Orders begin at $85.00.* 




We offer weekly, biweekly, and monthly floral and maintenance services to bring new arrangements to homes, offices, and other establishments. Simply let us know your preferences and needs for your space, how frequent you’d like your pieces to be replaced or taken care of, and we can help get your subscription started right away. 

Subscriptions begin at $75.00 per visit.*